Mary Kom is Indian female boxer. Her dedicated workout sessions are inspiration for many girls out their, watch her everyday motivation

Mary Kom is an Indian female boxer. She is the first female boxer to win gold at all seven world boxing championships. The sportswoman is a mother of two kids who still slays with her extreme passion, dedication, and strength. Popularly she has been given the name Magnificent Mary. She follows a strict diet, exercises, and gyming hours for better performance in every game.

Check out how Mary Kom inspires others to work out and push her limits.

1)Mary Kom is dedicated to working for thigh strength in her gym. The video shows how carefully she practices the core strength for her legs as instructed by her coach. While sharing this clip, she wrote that every progress takes place outside her comfort zone.

2)In another video Mary Kom shared in the account, she is doing strength and conditioning on her thighs and legs. She says in bed, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

3) Better every day. Mary Kom is strengthening her muscles by weight lifting. The Magnificent Mary works hard to achieve her goals; with every clip, she inspires others to be strong and move ahead.

4)After the boxer recovered from her illness soon, she started to spend time exercising and practicing. Mary is working out in her house, which makes her feel better.

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