Chris Evans and his fitness secrets get revealed here.

Chris Evans Fitness Secrets REVEALED

Chris Evans the American actor has won hearts with his Captain America portrayal in the Avengers series of films. Chris who is a prolific performer is also a great fitness freak. He has a huge physique and works relentlessly on his muscle power and body.

His Captain America physique is a prime example of his fitness levels.

We reveal to you Chris Evans’ secret with regards to his fitness.

The 6 ft. actor is not that tall when compared to the other Hollywood actors when compared to actors like Chris Patt, Chris Hemsworth etc who are near the 6 ft 3inches mark.

Chris Evans loves to have ripped body and loves to get on his regimented training on high-weight / low rep sets of the compound lifts. He also does his squats, deadlifts, incline bench presses and weighted dips and chin-ups with vigour. He always aims to keep his heart rate high during his workouts.

He also loves focusing on the muscles of the chest, arms and abs. As per Evans, the most painful sessions are the ones for the legs. The legs and glutes need to be trained well are what he says.

He also believes in having a balanced physique and give good importance to leg workouts.

His cardio exercises are HIIT for 15 to 20 minutes.

Do you like his routine and will you like to follow?

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