Ankit Mohan who has featured in TV shows Shobha Somnath Ki, Mahabharat, Kumkum Bhagya, Begusarai, Naagin 3 etc is very particular about his daily diet and fitness routine.

His amazing body and physique is inspirational to the core!!

In a candid talk with, Ankit Mohan talks of his fitness choices and interests.

Check them here.

Cheat Food:

I eat everything on my cheat day meal, especially Vada Pav because it reminds me of my struggle days. Most of the time I used to just have Vada Pav as meals

I have climbed as many as 135 floors in one go: Ankit Mohan 1

Favourite Exercise:

Exercise which includes non stop activity, that’s my favourite. I call it Circuit Training

Fruit or juices:

Fruits as it is a natural source

Stairs or lift:

Stairs. In lockdown I used to climb my building stairs which is 45 floors and there was a time when I used to take 3 rounds in one go, that means 135 floors

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

In lockdown I used to workout 5 hours a day. In the morning, it was weight training and evening, running. I used to switch it every week.

I have climbed as many as 135 floors in one go: Ankit Mohan 2

Yoga Or Weights:

Weights as I am an iron lover. My journey started with akhada but I start my workout with yoga and stretching. So I love both 🙂

Walking or Jogging:


Your take on health supplements:

Yes I do take health supplements as at times there is not enough time to carry meals when you travel

Best way to burn calories:

One thing is quite obvious to burn calories & that is…….. cardio 😉

One tip for everyday fitness:

 Please start your day early by saying thanks to God. Allocate at least 40 min minimum for your workout (depends on person to person and on activity) and yes I listen to Hanuman Chalisa before I start my workout