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Here are Effective Ancient Skincare Remedies That Are Still Usable Today

Effective Ancient Skincare Remedies That Are Still Usable Today

The ancient age has already given us many factors that are till date to be the best. We have seen a number of skin care products based on ancient skincare remedies, but still they contain harmful chemicals that are not good and healthy for your skin. So, below are some ancient skincare remedies for glowing skin.

1. Ubtan from India- Ubtan is now also used as part of pre-wedding ceremonies even today. They have kept the Ayurvedic dosha in mind to balance your skin. Ubtan is a blend of chickpea flour or a mildly granular powder to cleanse, sandalwood and turmeric to brighten your skin, rose water or mill to tone and exfoliate.

2. Yoghurt and Olive Oil from Greece- Yoghurt is not only good to eat, but it comes with a lot of health benefits for your body as well as your skin and hair. The lactic acid in yoghurt cleans out your pores and the olive oil hydrates for clean.

3. Rose Quartz from Egypt- Rose Quartz are precious stones known to have been loved by the Egyptian Royalty. History also says that Cleopatra showered with the crystals for the healing power. They are known for their soothing and healing properties.

4. Neem from India- Neem is said to be the purifier and rich antioxidant. Neem gives your skin a natural glow and keeps your face acne-free. There are a number of face washes and skincare products based on neem.

5. Coconut oil from India- Coconut oil is regarded as the key product for health. From cooking to skin care, coconut oil comes with a number of benefits. It is mainly used for massage and also to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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