Amar Upadhyay the talented and fit actor is known to be versatile in his acting prowess. However, an attribute that has always been with him has been an amazing level of fitness.

Amar who is presently winning hearts in Colors’ Molkki gets candid with, as he talks about his fitness priorities.

Check them here.

Cheat food:

Pizza and Vadapaav

Favourite exercise:

Bench press

The purpose of exercise:

Staying mentally and physically fit and feel good throughout the day

Fruits or juices:


Stairs or lift:


Best morning routine:

Doing pranayam for 30 minutes, running, 5 laughter exercises, having lovely breakfast (Muesli Porridge or Upma, fruits and hot coffee)

Lockdown exercise:

Running, push-ups, pull-ups, free squats, yoga

Yoga or weights:

Both are my favourite

Walking or jogging:


Your take of health supplements:


Best way to burn calories:


Your take on six-pack abs:

Not crazy about six-packs, but having a flat stomach is a must

Any personal goals in mind with regards to fitness:

To continue staying as fit as I’m today for many years to come

One tip for everyday fitness:

Eat well, yoga and running, laugh for 45 minutes