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Anveshi Jain reveals her workout routine, cheat food and more

Love making and weight training are best ways to burn calories: Anveshi Jain

Young and beautiful Anveshi Jain is one of the hottest actresses. She became a star overnight after featuring in ALTBalaji’s ‘Gandii Baat 2’.

Anveshi is known for her style and fitness. Her sizzling features give her a breath-taking look and she presents it in the sexiest way possible.

Anveshi is extremely serious about her fitness routine. During the lockdown, the actress exercised daily to maintain her fitness and she surely inspires us with her pictures and video.

In a fun fitness segment, the actress revealed her workout routine, cheat food and more

What is your cheat food?

Sugar-free dark chocolate cake and keto mousse

Favourite exercise?

Deadlifts and squats

Your best morning routine will comprise of

I have green juices early morning. Pre-workout, I have black coffee mixed with coconut oil and post-workout I take Antox q10 – 1 tablet and one scoop of whey protein.

Fruits or juices?

Fruits for fibre! Green juices for immunity and good skin.

Stairs or lift?


Your favourite lockdown exercise:

Yoga and weights alternatively.

Yoga Or Weights

I am more inclined towards weights than Yoga but I have to strike a balance between the two.

Your take on health suppliments

I favour multivitamins and whey Protein nothing else.

Best way to burn calories

Love making and weight training.

One tip for everyday fitness

Train your mind to train every day and not settle for only 30 mins. Your body can push much better than that. My trainer counts the repetitions after it starts to burn. I do it for that booty.

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