What is more important physical or mental health? Know here

Is Mental Health More Important Than Physical Health?

A person’s mental health is really vital for keeping a person physically fit. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) said, “no health without mental health”. There is clear connection between physics & mental health.

If a person is physically fit but mentally ill, the person will not be able to enjoy physical health. Sickness in any one of the following can have a direct impact on another one. In our opinion, mental health is more important.

Here are some reasons for poor mental health:-
1. Child abuse, trauma.
2. Loneliness.
3. Experiencing discrimination.
4. Poverty.
5. Failure.
6. Stress, which further leads to depression.

Signs of poor mental health:
1. Poor concentration.
2. Worrying more.
3. Low mood.
4. Tearfulness.
5. Aggression.
6. Avoiding socializing.

Good mental health is important at every stage of life. The reality of life is, in order to keep your physical health good your mental health should be strong.

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