Refresh your mind power with these meditation methods

Mind Refreshing Meditation Methods To Increase Your Mind Power

Meditation helps you increase your Mind Power. It also relaxes our mind, body and soul.

Here are methods of meditation to increase mind power:-
1. Sit in Padmasana Position. Keep your hands on knees and join thumb and index fingers such that your palm should up upwards. Keep your lips slightly apart and the tip of your tongue should be between your teeth. Close your eyes and breathe through the gap between the teeth. A hissing sound will come. Now, close the lips and exhale through the nose.
Benefits- This helps you to keep your body systems cool and soothes the eyes. This form of meditation helps us increase our mind power and relaxes our brain.

2. Shavasana- Lie down in a sleeping position keeping your back straight and palm touching to the ground.

Benefits- It gives complete rest to the body and the mind. Shavasana reduces fatigue and makes you energized. It controls blood pressure and improves the heart’s functioning.

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