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REVEALED! Nia Sharma’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Nia Sharma, who was last seen in TV show Naagin 4 as Brinda, is surely a stunner when it comes to enchanting the audience with her charm. This gorgeous actress slays every single look like a pro. Whatever she wears becomes the latest trend. The lady seems to be hellbent upon setting Instagram on fire.

Nia is super dedicated when it comes to her fitness, giving the biggest fitness freaks a run for their money. Nia can make anyone go weak in their knees with her killer looks. The actress has stolen millions of hearts and garnered a huge fan following because of her bold style.

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Naagin actress makes sure she includes a little bit of workout in her fitness routine. She hits the gym as often as possible and focuses on strength training as well as light workouts like jogging. Nia mainly focuses on her workout which includes cross fit and functional training which helps her stay fit throughout the day.

Nia Sharma spends more time focusing on her diet. She follows a strict diet and begins her day with a cup of black coffee which helps her cleanse her system and detox. Nia’s diet includes home-cooked meals and avoids any kind of junk food consumption. Nia’s breakfast consists of a vegetable omelette. She has her dinner, between 7 to 8 pm which gives her body enough time to digest the meal and gives her digestive system a little break. She also goes on a dry fruit and nuts diet before her events and shoots in order to avoid bloating.

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