TV actress Vinny Arora reveals about her love life

Dheeraj Dhoopar’s smile and dimples caught my attention: Vinny Arora

Beautiful and vivacious Vinny Arora has entertained audiences with her acting chops in TV show Udann, Laado 2, Kuchh Is Tara, Aathvaan Vachan. Vinny and her relationship with hubby Dheeraj Dhoopar is the perfect balance of cuteness and real couple goals.

Vinny and Dheeraj met on the sets of Mata Pitah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg in 2009 and it was pretty much love at first sight for the couple. The duo went on to date for six years before they decided to tie the knot in 2016. While he charms everyone with his dimples, she grabs eyeballs for her innocence. They share a magical bond of love and warmth in their relationship.

In a fun love and relationship segment, the actress revealed about her love life.

If you had to use just one word to describe your partner, what would it be? Sexy, beautiful or elegant?


Given a chance, what would be the one thing you would change about your partner?

The only thing would like to change about Dheeraj is his impatient behaviour.

Which body part you like the most about your partner? 

His hands, they are very soft and always warm.

What was it about your partner that caught your attention when you met for the first time?

His smile, fell for his dimples.

Which song makes you think about your partner?

Jigar da tukda, sona sona mukhda.

Dheeraj Dhoopar’s smile and dimples caught my attention: Vinny Arora 1

Who is more annoying between you two?

If you ask that to either of us, we are going to name the other person.

Who initiated the first kiss amongst you two?


Candle Night Dinner or Stroll By The Beach?

Stroll by the beach.

What do you call your partner by – (Baby, Honey, Sweetie, Cutie)?

Baby, bachha, love.

Who says sorry first?

No one actually, we talk it out mutually most times.

Most likely to forget something important?

Me, always me.

One ‘happy in love’ success mantra?

We have both said it repeatedly and try to live by it as much as possible, that is to not take your partner for granted and always do the small things, always say the sweet things, always go a little extra mile. Never stop working on your relationship.

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