Gigi Hadid tells us how inspirational Zayn Malik has been for her.

Gigi Hadid REVEALS How Zayn Malik Inspired Her

The American model Gigi Hadid is indebted to Zayn Malik for inspiring her big time!!

The model who has been dating the British singer has gone on to share on social media and also given her comments on how inspirational Zayn has been for her.

Zayn’s amazing styling has inspired her to wear the dresses and styles that she is comfortable in. She revels as she watches his style and learns from it she has said in media.

Gigi has also stated that she loves the fashion trends in England, from where Zayn hails.

It is enjoyable to see them as a pair!! And also to know of how Zayn and Gigi find each other inspirational speaks volumes of the love they share.

Recently, Zayn and Gigi welcomed their baby girl.

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