Sanjay Gagnani the popular actor known for his portrayal of Prithvi in Kundali Bhagya is much in love with his girl Poonam Preet. The two of them who got engaged in the year 2018 will soon get hitched!!

Sanjay and Poonam make for a cute pair and understand each other very well. Being from the same industry, the two of them know of the pros and cons of being a celebrity couple and manage to keep themselves grounded even while in the media glare.

In our Love and Relationship Segment at, we have Kundali Bhagya star Sanjay Gagnani talking about his love Poonam and their interests on the whole.

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If you had to use just one word to describe your partner, what would it be? Attractive, beautiful or elegant?


Given a chance, what would be the one thing you would change about your partner? 

Poonam’s laziness

What is it that you like the most about your partner?   

Her soft-heartedness

Kundali Bhagya fame Sanjay Gagnani shares his ‘love secrets’ 1

What was it about your partner that caught your attention when you met for the first time?

Her Eyes

Which song makes you think about your partner?

I love you (from the film Bodyguard) 

Who is more annoying between you two?

It is me!!

Who initiated the first kiss amongst you two?

Again, it is me (smiles)

Candle Night Dinner or Stroll By The Beach? 

Stroll by the beach

What do you call your partner by – (Baby, Honey, Sweetie, Cutie)? 

Sugar, Bebo, Kucchu

Who says sorry first?

Me (smiles)

Who is most likely to forget something important?

It is me

One ‘happy in love’ success mantra? 

The day you start considering your partner as your ‘family’ and give them equal love, security, importance as the way you do, for your family (dad, mom, brother, sister) is the day when you’d prioritise love over ego, differences, arguments and fights.