Amy Jackson debuted with the Bollywood film Singh Is Bling along with Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutt. The British born actress made hurls with the film soon after her work in the film. With that, now the actress is all set for her Hollywood project, and aims for The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson. The actress in an interview with Standard revealed her experience working in Hollywood and also reflected on the differences between Hollywood and Bollywood.

She said, to Standard, “I’m really big into my fitness and have been for a while, so one of my obsessions is Dwayne Johnson,” She further added, “I was a total tomboy when I was younger and my sister took me to a WWF wrestling match. Ever since I was nine I have been obsessed with The Rock. To work with him would be the dream! I think working on Supergirl and then being in LA opened my eyes to America. Then I moved back to the UK and got an offer on Guy Ritchie’s film so I would definitely like to pursue more Hollywood roles.”

She further added on her experience of working with Ritchie while in the middle of the pandemic. She said, “He was very cool and laid back,” She further added, “I actually auditioned in an Essex accent. Obviously everything was all film taped, it was all separate to actually meeting with anybody in person because of what was going on. When I got on set he was like ‘Oh, you’re Scouse? Oh we’ve got to use that! I loved the way he embraces people’s individuality. He’s the best of British and anything goes with his films.”

The actress further added on the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood, saying, “I started in India and I knew nothing before Bollywood, that was my learning curve, I literally learnt on the job. I think the differences I found between working on a Hollywood and Bollywood project were language which was huge, but step-wise India is so huge, it’s the biggest film industry in the world. On set, but obviously not now because of Covid restrictions, you’d get 200-250 people behind the scenes. It’s electrifying, it’s busy and it’s bustling like India in general; it’s like Mumbai, that’s the home of the industry, whereas on Supergirl and then this movie, it’s a lot more contained, a lot more personal. Bollywood is full of life and exuberance.”