Mrunal Thakur looks gorgeous no matter what she is wearing or how she is styling. But what hairstyle suits her better, curls or straight? Let's find out.

Curls Or Straight: What Suits Mrunal Thakur The Most?

Haircuts and hairstyles are very important in the life of girls. It is so dear that we use expensive products, salons, etc., so that they don’t get damaged. However, deciding what type of hairstyle suits us becomes difficult. And so with Bollywood beauty Mrunal Thakur. The diva took her Instagram handle and dropped two photos, one in curls hairstyle and the other in straight, asking what’s better.

Taking to her Instagram story, Mrunal Thakur shared photos showcasing herself in curls and straight hairstyle. In the first image, Mrunal strikes a beautiful smile in a green floral printed outfit with no makeup, and she leaves her hair open and styled in a straight hairstyle, giving her a simple and classy vibe. Her charm in her simple avatar always steals our attention.

On the other hand, in the next click, Sita Ramam, the actress, shows her gorgeousness in the same outfit but with rosy lips and bouncy soft curls that give her face a bubbly look. However, deciding which hairstyle suits her better is difficult, but we would go with Mrunal Thakur’s curly hairstyle as she looks happy and lively. Well, that’s our perspective, but which hairstyle do you think suits Mrunal the most?

Curls Or Straight: What Suits Mrunal Thakur The Most? 879732

Curls Or Straight: What Suits Mrunal Thakur The Most? 879733

So how do you like Mrunal Thakur, in straight or curly hairstyle? Drop your choice in the comments box below.