Alia Bhatt took to her Instagram handle to share a candid unfiltered sunkissed moment from the beach. She flaunted her raw glow on face, as she was left alone on the beach, check out-

‘Don’t lose your shine, even when left alone,’ Alia Bhatt’s life mantra 813497

Alia Bhatt just treated her fans to a delightful sneak peek into her world! Taking to Instagram, she fearlessly shared a raw and unfiltered photo of herself that had us all cheering. In this sunny day capture, Alia was seen soaking up the outdoors, surrounded by nature’s very own green guardians – a bunch of majestic trees in the background.

Alia Bhatt’s style file in the beach avatar

She rocked the au naturel look like a true queen! Embracing her natural beauty, she opted for a vibrant violet bikini top that perfectly complemented her radiant smile. With an adorable twinkle in her eyes, she playfully posed for the selfie, making sure to lock eyes with the camera, leaving us all captivated.

Alia Bhatt just reminded us that even when she’s briefly left alone, she shines brighter than the sun itself, giving us all major inspiration to embrace our own authentic selves.

She wore a gorgeous purple one-shoulder monokini. Sharing the moment she wrote, “2.3 seconds after I’m left alone ?”

Here take a look-

‘Don’t lose your shine, even when left alone,’ Alia Bhatt’s life mantra 813495


As Alia shone in and out in the picture, fans couldn’t help but go all awed with Alia’s glow in the beach look.

One wrote, “A burst of cuteness that lasts for just 2.3 seconds, but leaves a lasting impression! ?? #AdorableAlia #ShortButSweet””

Another wrote, “Always have time for yourself to feel happy when you are doing things that make you feel you work so hard “

A third user wrote, “the glow on your face”

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