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Check out the moment when Dwayne Johnson expressed his love for Varun Dhawan

When Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock SHOWED HIS LOVE for Varun Dhawan

If you are a true and sincere fan of Varun Dhawan, you will realize very well that Varun is a huge admirer of the one and only Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. For every 90’s kid out there, the impact and influence of WWE sensation The Rock has been immense. But hey, is everyone that lucky to get the love and affection back? Well, everyone certainly isn’t but Varun was certainly loving all the appreciation he heard about himself from Dwayne Johnson.

Once in an interaction with Rajeev Masand, when Rajeev asked The Rock about how he finds Varun Dhawan, he said and we quote,

“Well, it actually started when I had wished him on Twitter once after a lot of fans in India wanted me to do the same. Then I actually realized that he’s a humongous star in India and I must say I have seen a bit of his work and he’s really elegant and adorable. He’s got quite a future ahead.”

Well, going by these lines, we are certain that Varun must have had tears of joy hearing all this about himself from his icon. Agree readers?

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