Check out what Aarti Khetrapal has to say on fashion and styling

Fashion and styling should be done based on the particular occasion – Aarti Khetrapal

Aarti Khetrapal is one of the hottest and prettiest faces of the OTT platform at the moment. She slayed it big time with her role in ZEE5’s Casino and before that, she also killed it with her super hot and enigmatic presence in Sunny Leone starrer Ragini MMS.

But beyond all this, Aarti enjoys a humongous fan following on social media with more than 1M followers and be it men or women, they all are awestruck with Aarti’s sense of fashion. When asked about what is her mantra for styling and fashion, she said and we quote,

“Style is very subjective but most importantly, it is necessary to understand your body as to what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Also what matters is the occasion. Fashion and styling should be done based on the occasion. I will follow a different style pattern when going to a party and the style mantra will be different when going to meet a casting director or a producer. So that’s pretty much it.”

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