Amyra Dastur is a stunning actress in the Bollywood industry. Amyra Dastur enjoys exercising at the gym. The fitness fanatic star frequently skips a day from her gym practice and posts glimpses of it on her Instagram account. Amyra swears by high-intensity workouts and glances into her training journals to provide us with the encouragement we need to take our workout regimens seriously. This time, the actress gives a major inspiration for doing leg press and barbell back squat workouts. Take a look at the video below.

Amyra Dastur’s Workout Video Appearance-

Taking to her Instagram story, the diva shared videos of doing intense workouts. In the video, the actress appeared dashingly in a blue, white, green round neckline, sleeveless crop top, and black and grey tight pants. She rounded off her look with a high ponytail and multi-colored sports shoes.

In the video, she first does a leg workout, resting her back on the machine at a diagonal angle and pushing the attached barbell machine with her legs. This workout is known as the leg press workout. In the second video, he is doing barbell back squats. She stands in a hip stance with a gold barbell at her back and does four squats.

Leg Press and Barbell Back Squats Workout Benefits-

In your workout routine, leg presses and barbell back squats can improve lower body strength, muscle hypertrophy, and overall physical fitness. Both a comprehensive workout can provide a well-rounded approach to lower body development.

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