An Indian actress, model, and dancer who has predominantly acted in Telugu, Tamil, and Bollywood films. What else do we know about her!

She enjoys Indian cuisine such as dal, rice, and vegetables. Tamannaah appears to have a high-protein diet that includes eggs, veggies, and a variety of nutrient-based goods. She relishes ‘Pav Bhaji’, putting her healthier side aside and Samosa is her go-to dish.

Tamannaah’s favourite colours, red, white and blue, are as vivid as she is. She has been seen rocking a lot of red clothes, highlighting her boldness.

When it comes to Tamannaa’s favourite outfit, she likes to wear a t-shirt with jeans. Working exercise and listening to music are two of her favourite pastimes, she does, however, have a secret passion for writing. Her favourite place is where she had been born, she claims. In addition to Indian cuisine, she is a huge fan of Indian fashion. The Mummy is her favourite film (2017). Paris is her favourite holiday destination. Paulo Coelho is her favourite author. Drop Dead Diva is her favourite show to binge-watch (2009). Her favourite Indian Actor and Actress appear to be Mahesh Babu and Preity Zinta.

Tamannaah spends her free time reading, surfing the web, and exercising. Apart from Kerala and Goa, her favourite destination is Mumbai, the city of dreams.

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