While on a tropical trip with her husband, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin posted a series of romantic photos and videos while caught in a thunderstorm.

On a late-summer holiday with her husband, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin was astonished. While dancing in the rain, the supermodel was seen wearing a white two-piece swimsuit. Hailey stood in the midst of the tropical storm, holding a cocktail in one hand and her hat in the other. She also posted some additional joyful holiday photos with her husband, including one of her paddle surfing in a red bikini and afterward snuggling up to him in a bright green two-piece. Her most recent picture, which she simply captioned with a dazzling star emoji, comes just days after she told singer Demi Lovato about being referred to as “Justin’s wife.”

You should flaunt your model figure if you have one, right? For the most well-known models in the game, such as Bella Hadid, this is pretty much their credo. Bella, 23, always appears to be enjoying the time of her life while selecting her beach outfit. Take, for example, her trip to St. Barts in December 2019. Bella was in a very different attitude as she went into the water in a pink and orange flowery bikini while holding a martini. With her hair in a slicked-back bun and fashionable tinted eyeglasses and enormous hoop earrings, she appeared entirely unconcerned during her outing. During a trip to Miami with her closest friend Kendall Jenner, 24, later that month, she nailed it again. Both females were in town for Art Basel, but they took advantage of the opportunity to relax at the beach. Bella wore a basic black bikini with high-cut bottoms, a silk scarf wrapped over her head, and gold earrings, and she looked effortlessly chic. Kendall wore a grey snakeskin bikini with a thong bottom and a straight top. Her ensemble was finished with a pair of small sunglasses.