The reasons why Sharad Raj's Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Afrah Raatein is a must watch

Here’s why Sharad Raj’s ‘Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Afrah Raatein’ is a must watch

The essence of the narrative of Sharad Raj’s Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Afrah Raatein is about how certain cardinal sins of life come together into rupturing the lives of its two prime characters, Gulmohar (Rajveer Verma) and Gomti ( Archanna Gupta).

The backdrop lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh in a deserted point of Lucknow. The movie keeps the reality of the Muzaffarnagar riots in mind and tells you individual heart-wrenching stories of two people who eventually find solace and love in each other. The movie will make you think and look at life in a much deeper perspective as to how.

The best part of the film is that although two different tales of love, lust and guilt, they unite and have a common appeal on a broader perspective which will surely set the emotions rolling in the minds of the audience.

In a nutshell, Sharad Raj’s movie is a fine attempt to inter-relate personal grief with the political and historical situation of a particular place and how all these factors play a role in a social person’s fate. You need to have a deep understanding of cinema to be able to explore the narrative and the connotations associated with it in certain scenes. Go watch it for sure. For more such updates, stay tuned to

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