Scarlett Johansson crafted her on-screen debut as the main protagonist in Rob Reiner’s 1994 comedy-adventure North. After appearing in a variety of mainstream and niche films, she has since become the greatest cinema champion of all time.

The actor documented how challenging it was for her to find optimum roles when she was a teenager since mature writers of the screenplays generally portray ‘kids’ as ‘mall rats’ and are not given any depth to their representations.

Eventually, she cracked through in Terry Zwigoff’s 2001 black humour Ghost World as a teenage outsider, paving the way to additional prominent positions.

However, talking about her singing Beatles, it happened when she was shooting Avengers and found karaoke. Captain America mentioning her karaoke performance, said, “It was a dive bar. It was in the middle of nowhere. There must have been no more than 20 people in the whole bar.” He continued: “On the stage was this band, this real broke-down band, and [Johansson] said, ‘We should get up there and sing ‘Rocky Raccoon’.” As quoted by Farout magazine.

Chris Evans further said, “she got up on stage and just started singing. Not only was she amazing, but the whole bar also got into it. I didn’t even think they knew who it was…but that’s Scarlett. She’s got a wild streak in her. She’s adventurous.”

Later Johansson joked about it and said, “You know, his love for musical theatre and all. That’s a little-known fact about Chris Evans… he’s a big singing-dancing enthusiast.”