Pooja Bhatt, one of the sensational actresses from the ’90s, has always been a pioneer in the Bollywood film industry. The elderly daughter of Mahesh Bhatt has not only inherited some amazing directory skills from her father but also has been unapologetic with whatever she says!

The actress is known for bold and badass comments and statements on some burning social issues like “Metoo” and others. She has also opened about her depression, alcoholism and others. And now she has opened about the Bhatts’ dining table discussions to Film fare-

The actress said, “Rocking, in every way! The conversations range from world affairs to plants, to thunderstorms to the best cheesecake – it’s a riot! You’d enjoy being a fly on the wall or, in our case, a lizard on the wall because we love lizards in our household. Between my father and me and Soni and Shaheen and Alia, we have different interests and strong opinions and ways of putting those opinions across,”

She added, “We try to cover up many things and – look at my life – four years ago when I decided to quit drinking, I decided to be open about it. I felt like I was somebody who began her career with a film like Daddy which was about a young girl getting her father who’s an alcoholic to stop drinking. And there I was dealing with the same problem. I reached out to people out there to let them know that, you know, it’s something that could happen to anybody and women especially need to be a little bit more open about that. And I was so overwhelmed by the response that I got from random strangers,”