Tusshar Kapoor is without any doubt one of the most lovable names in the Hindi film industry. The actor started his career many years back and has been a part of some really impactful roles. As time passed, Tusshar also started focussing a lot on his fitness. From maintaining a healthy lifestyle to doing his best to have an enviable physique, he does it all. IWMBuzz got involved in a small fitness-oriented discussion with Tusshar. Read to know more –

What is your cheat food?

My cheat food would always be pizza. Hard to resist some yummy pizza.

Favorite exercise?

I prefer functional training which is a mix of weight training as well as cardiovascular exercises. So, a good mix of both is what I really enjoy

What is your morning routine?

It has to be workout. I am not much of a Late sleeper so I prefer getting up early and working out before I head for work.

Fruit or juices?

I like juices but I usually eat fresh-cut fruits before and after my workout. I also like having a bit of orange with some kiwi around 5 PM in the evening.

Stairs or lift?

Stairs any day as it keeps your metabolism high and is a good way to lose some weight

One tip for everyday fitness?

The only thing I would advise all is to do their own work so that even if you are not working out on one day, by doing all your work yourself, you can take care of your fitness. Another tip would be to have a light dinner without any carbs and sleep a lot and properly. It helps you to be less water retentive and your metabolic rate stimulates.