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IWMBuzz tells you more about Sonu Sood's noble cause to send back 350 migrant workers. Read the story for more details

The migrant workers were shedding tears of happiness while waving at me from the bus – Sonu Sood

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a very very difficult situation not just in India but in the entire world. People can’t help but be stranded and wait for things to get better. But at a time like this when the economy has hit a downfall, the poor workers and the migrants are the most affected. We have seen heartbreaking visuals of poor migrant workers walking back home with their elderly parents and children. If there’s someone from Bollywood who’s literally come as a messiah for these people in this time of crisis, it is Sonu Sood.

Yesterday evening, we saw Sonu putting his best effort forward to send these 350+ migrant workers back home in Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra by playing with danger himself as he was physically present to ensure things were all cool for them. Such a noble cause deserves a response from the actor and when we got in touch with him to react to the same, he said and we quote,

“This is a very very difficult time for all and I feel everyone deserves to be with their loved ones at the moment. I feel I have done only a small part but I want to do a lot more. It’s a huge process. Starting from getting all the permissions right to taking care of everything, it’s a process but glad it could be done. I am specifically thankful to both Maharashtra and the Karnataka Governments for their support. But I still remember that while the buses were leaving, the workers almost had tears in their eyes and they kept waving at me till we were visible to each other. I was so touched and emotional because of that.”

Kudos to you Sonu for being the first Bollywood celebrity to arrange for such a thing for migrant workers to go back home. Keep doing the noble work that you are doing already for so many years. For more updates, stay tuned to

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