Talented TV actor Hiten Tejwani is hopeful that his upcoming political film Mudda 370, based on the controversial Jammu and Kashmir Article 370, which was recently repealed, will find its audience. “We hope to garner over 1000+ screens across B and C centres, so the release is decent.”

“Now it is up to the audiences to accept the film on the first weekend where social media engagement and word of mouth works. We have made a good film with a strong cast, comprising me, Manoj Joshi, Anita Raj and Rakhi Sawant.”

On the purpose of making this film, Hiten says, “We just wanted to show the other side of the article. And also, its consequences on Kashmiri Pandits, who were forced to leave their homeland in 1990.”

Here Hiten rejects the allegation that the producer (Dr Atul Krishna ) just made the movie in an attempt to ride the publicity wave, post Article 370’s abolishment.

“Filmmaking takes time. Art 370 was taken off the statute books only in Aug this year, so director Rakesh Sawant (Rakhi Sawant’s brother) could not have shot, edited and planned its release in just four months.”

“When the idea for the film was mooted last year, we had no idea that the article will be history before release. The shoot wrapped up in March this year and the print was still in post-production when the Aug 5 parliamentary action suddenly beamed live on TV.”

“While essentially Mudda 370 is a love story, it will tell audiences about the history of the Kashmir conflict, of which Article 370 is an important part,” added Hiten, who was last seen on the tube with a major role in Tantra.

“One of the main reasons why I chose this off beater was that as an actor, I want to go beyond the. tried and tested. No wonder I left behind the safe sanctuary of TV to try out web as well. One needs to come out of their comfort zone.” He had played the lead in Eros Now’s The Investigation.

In closing, Hiten was hopeful that the repeal of 370, in due course of time, will lead to the Kashmir Valley, which was once described as heaven on earth, prospering economically and will facilitate the return of the Pandits to their home and hearth with honour.