It’s easy to forget that Natalie Portman has had her own style for decades because she has played so many classic parts with recognizable looks (like Jackie Kennedy in Jackie and Princess Amidala in the Star Wars trilogy). Although Portman is best known for having a shoulder-length bob, she cut her hair short for 2005’s V for Vendetta and showed that she wasn’t immune to the ’00s fascination with side-swept bangs and beachy waves. Here are some of Portman’s most memorable looks throughout her career, from a flapper-inspired red carpet turn to her signature look (all in honey-blonde, of course).


Portman had flippy, dark hair that was shoulder length when she was only 14 years old.


Long, tight curls helped Portman blend in during her time at Harvard after her Star Wars series appearance.


She really embraced the bohemian look for the MTV Movie Awards, with tight curls and a peasant top.


At the Cold Mountain premiere, Portman debuted a Jazz Age-appropriate haircut.


With the start of a new year came bangs and beachy waves. After the release of Closer, in which Portman wore a pink wig, fans got to see her in a few different outfits.


Portman received a buzzcut in 2005 for her part in V for Vendetta.


And then a pixie emerged from it.


Portman displayed one of her lightest hair shades to date, a golden blonde, during the Berlin International Film Festival.


And a few years later, she sported shoulder-length ringlets in her hair. She had it stick-straight while promoting Thor: The Dark World in order to display an asymmetrical cut.


A new ombré dye job was displayed in a wavy style.


Portman has suddenly become darker and longer.


The dark hair was short-lived. On the red carpet, Portman revealed a warm honey Bayalage bob.


Although Portman’s buzz cut was shorter, she still chopped her hair short in 2020.

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