Satyajit Dubey speaks about the dismal health system in India

No one is safe: Actor Satyajit Dubey on coping with a Covid-19 mother

Satyajit Dubey, grandson of the legendary stage actor-director Satyadev Dubey is in the news for his mother being infected with the Covid -19 virus.

Reliving the nightmare of detecting the virus Satyajit says, “It started when she needed an MRI and ECG done as she was not feeling well. The doctors suggested we get her tested for the virus. She tested positive. My sister and I were in a panic. Our world fell apart. Luckily we had the means to get her admitted into the Nanavati hospital where she’s getting the best treatment possible. But what about those who aren’t so fortunate? Even to be tested for the virus costs Rs 5,000. How many can afford that?”

Satyajit says the experience has been an eye-opener for him. “Though my mother is being well looked after, the medicare infrastructure in India is abysmal. We need to look into this far more seriously. The hospitals and the medical fraternity were just not prepared to take on the virus when it struck.”

Satyajit’s mom is on the way to recovery. “She phones from the hospital to say she is not worried about herself. She’s worried about the doctors who are toiling day and night to look after the infected patients risking their own lives.”

Satyajit says it is time for every healthy Indian to do what they can. “Sadly in this entertainment industry there is a tendency to talk about charity work. My grandmother used to say, ‘When you give with your right hand the left hand shouldn’t know what you’re doing.’ All of us are doing what we can. Specially now when we’ve experienced the impact of the virus from such close quarters we know the gravity of the situation. It can hit any one of us any time. No one is safe.”

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