Men might argue that getting dressed and looking fashionable is not as easy for them as we might think. Men should put in some effort as well because looking smart doesn’t come effortlessly to them as it does to women.

Every girl at some point had a crush on Noah Centineo, one of the most fashionable males. To All The Boys I’ve Loved by Toby Keith Actor before he became an instant hit following his Netflix feature, and his fans couldn’t get enough of him, thus two more movies followed. The actor has consistently shown that he has a great sense of style in addition to having a fantastic figure. And we think more males should pay attention!

1. Basics are key

Even the actor, a former Disney kid, is aware that nothing looks better than a plain white tee. Depending on the wearer’s disposition, it can be worn with pants of any color. With a pair of beige slacks and a pair of basic black sneakers, Noah created an easy-going ensemble.

2. Suit up!

The fit of a man’s suit is one area where he shouldn’t skimp. We adore Centenio’s navy blue outfit, which he wore to the To All The Boys premiere red carpet event: premier of P.S. I Still Love You on the red carpet. We couldn’t stop ogling Noah’s gorgeous outfit, which included a black tie, a spotless white shirt, dress shoes, and other accessories.

3. Carry a change

While formal clothes are appropriate for the red carpet, after-party attire should be more casual so you can show off your moves! Noah decided to dress on the red carpet in a blue pinstripe suit, accomplishing two goals at once. At the after-party, he removed his jacket to reveal his checkered shirt below and the suspenders that kept the rest of his attire in place.

4. Monotone dressing

Wearing the same color from head to toe is one of the safest choices that you can never go wrong with. Consider the black clothing that Noah wore to a red carpet function. The actor chose a T-shirt that matched his jeans and contrasted it with a pair of white sneakers to make himself stand out despite wearing it casually for the occasion.