Poppy Jabbal the good-looking actressa who has enthralled us in portrayals in films Uda Aida, Mahi NRI and web-series Broken But Beautiful, Puncch Beat etc gets to talk to us at IWMBuzz.com over a rapid-fire set of questions.

Get to see the smart answers of Poppy here.

 If you turn a writer for a day, what is the topic you will write on:

How to clean your home, building, city, country

If not a celeb, you would have been a… 

A fashion designer

The song that makes you happy always:

 Endless Love by Lionel Richie

The super power you will want to have: 

Ability to control people’s mind

Your go-to person when in need is:

My BFF Amisha who has never stepped her foot in India. The problem is I cannot physically go to her as she lives in London

Your acting inspiration:

I loveeeeee Sunny Deol, I have seen myself emulating him all the time

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

PARTICULAR, COMPASSIONATE, GROUNDED. If you ask my friends then it will be Annoying, irritating, dominating

Your best role till date according to you:

Equally love Myra from my film Uda Aida and Ishanvi from Broken But Beautiful

Your biggest fear:

Things getting dirty

Your dream role will be:

Disney’s CRUELLA

Your best friends from the industry will be: 

Sonnalli Seygall and Simran Kaur Mundi