Priyanka Chopra has posted a couple of images from her Sunday beach outing with Nick Jonas, her husband, and their daughter Malti Marie

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, And Their Baby Malti Marie Spend Sunday In Malibu, See Pics

Priyanka Chopra is among the most loved and respected divas in the Indian entertainment industry. The actress worked in the Hindi entertainment business for many years before making her mark in Hollywood, and things have been great for her personally and professionally since then. The diva married the ‘love of her life,’ Nick Jonas, in 2018, and since then, we can undoubtedly say that they have done all possible and proper to offer their fans some real relationship goals.

Priyanka Chopra, a popular actress, has slayed the entertainment industry and become one of the most successful actresses. She is well-known around the world and seems lovely. The diva and her husband, Nick Jonas, had their baby child Malti Marie via surrogacy and are now enjoying parenting.

Priyanka Chopra shared candid photos of her, her daughter Malti, and her husband Nick Jonas during their day picnic in Malibu on Sunday. She was sharing the images. The three-person family enjoyed some time in the sun on the beach and some time at a restaurant with a view of the water.

Priyanka Chopra’s Sunday Holiday Pictures

The first image has all three of them. Both Priyanka and Nick are spotted wearing black winter casuals. Malti, dressed in a yellow sweatshirt and white stockings, is seen in Priyanka’s arms. In the photo, her face is obscured by a heart emoji. It is followed by a photo of Priyanka and Malti looking at the water from a distance. Next, Malti is seen with a white shirt and no hoodie as she stands on the railing with Priyanka’s help to enjoy the view. The third is a long view of the three standing on the beach, Malti in Priyanka’s arms.

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Many of Priyanka Chopra’s fans questioned her for uploading Malti’s photos while hiding her face. One fan wrote, “I don’t get the hiding of the baby’s face. If you don’t want to show her, don’t post her photos. Simple.” One fan replied, “It’s ok she’s a mother it’s her wish… sometimes people’s are afraid of evil eyes, not a problem if she hides. it’s not about celebrities but it’s all about the mother’s care towards her child…stay bless you and family may god protect you from everything amen .”