The Yaariyan actress Rakul Preet Singh is all in love with Maldives. The actress shared a reel on her social media handle, where we can see her enjoying on the beaches in the place of serene and sanguinity

Rakul Preet Singh is missing Maldives, here's why 814348

Rakul Preet Singh, the Bollywood beauty, is caught in the clutches of the Maldives spell! It seems like the tropical paradise has stolen her heart, leaving her longing for the soothing embrace of the azure waters and the golden sands. Rakul’s affinity for the Maldives is no secret, as she has been bewitched by its breathtaking beauty time and again. Whether it’s the vibrant coral reefs, the gentle lapping of the waves, or the sun-kissed shores, she finds solace in the picturesque backdrop of this island haven.

Rakul can’t get enough of Maldives

The actress shared a reel video, where we can see her taking a ride by the beaches of Maldives, as she witnesses the majestic turquoise, going all love for the place. Starting from deep sea scuba diving to her chilling moments from the beach, the reel truly is giving us travel goals.

Sharing the video, Rakul wrote, “I can never get enough of sun , sand and beach #maldives”

Here take a look at the video-


One wrote, “Its My dream destination too, but not found the perfect person to travel with yet❤️?”

Another wrote, “Let ur inner child out and u will not have to rely on others for ur happiness. ?. Love ur smile and ur posts..”

A third user wrote, “You continue to impress us with your dedication and hard work.
I want to tell you how much I appreciate all you do.
I want you to know I see and appreciate all the hard work you have done.”

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