The 46-year-old actress turned producer; Reese Witherspoon has now officially marked her ‘Fall’ fashion on board. The actress keeps it avidly busy on her Instagram handle, leaving fans almost every day, enticed. That’s that, her latest video on her social media, is leaving us spirited with winter fashion goals.

In the video, we can see Reese Witherspoon calling for ‘Fall’ as in winter officially, as she transitions from her summer decks to her winter wardrobe staples.

In the video, at first, we can see Reese Witherspoon in a stunning zebra striped top decked with classic shades. She can be seen with her dog in her arms.

In the next look, the actress can be seen in a gorgeous all white cardigan. The actress teamed the stylish look with golden hoop earrings, long matching neckpiece and black shades.

Later to that, the actress rounded it off with white camisole topped with magenta pink shrug and chic golden accessories. Sharing the video, she summoned for the ‘Fall’ officially in the caption.