Sara Ali Khan's mega revelation on her weight loss journey. Read the story for more details

Sara Ali Khan REVEALS how she LOST WEIGHT from 96 KILOS to become an actress

Ever since Sara Ali Khan became a part of the entertainment industry, she has kept her image as nothing but real. The actress has time and again proved that she enjoys being a regular person and appreciates all the love and adulation that comes her way. Although a ‘product’ of nepotism, Sara gets hailed quite often for her smart choice of words, social awareness and for her courteous and deferential behavior towards her fans and admirers. But this hasn’t happened overnight.

To get all this love and attention, Sara had to really work hard and toil a lot and the first step towards that toil happened to be her strenuous weight-loss journey from a whopping 96 Kilos to what and how she looks like now. Sara was recently on ‘The Bollywood Talk Show’ on IWMBuzz promoting her latest release ‘Love Aaj Kal’ with Kartik Aaryan where she opened up about the general standards of ‘beauty’ and how and why she decided to shed weight from 96 Kilos in order to become an actress. Check out the video here to know what she has to say –

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