Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad are right now one of the most loved, admired and adored couples in the Hindi entertainment industry. The two of them battled against all sorts of negative judgements that they faced during the initial stages of their relationship and no wonder, they have come a long way forward. From getting spotted together at restaurants during their fancy meal outings to having a blast whenever they get to spend cosy and quality time with each other, we love it for real and in the true sense of the term. The duo never shy away from showing support to one another and that’s the quality of an admirable couple.

So, what’s the latest that we get to see happening their end? Well, if the latest reports in Times Of India are to be believed, Hrithik Roshan on Tuesday decided to wrap up his work quickly in order to spend good quality time with his ‘lady love’. Although the report is not confirmed by the artistes themselves, there’s every probability that it is indeed true.

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