Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are now husband and wife. After an array of rumors that led to the big day, it all ended well where Sinha and Iqbal tied the knot in an intimate registered wedding ceremony at Sinha’s apartment followed by a grand reception that saw many celebrities coming in.

But as it has been a few days since it happened, the images and videos that were captured by the paparazzi have taken a backseat, as Sinha herself has been sharing some images and treating everyone.

And now, she only made it even more special where she went on to share a teaser. A teaser of her wedding film from the big day and it was the most adorable one as well.

In the video, it can be seen now people close to Sinha and Iqbal are playfully teasing them as they are about to sign the wedding papers, along with Iqbal also saying it on the mic how he accepts Sinha as her lawfully wedded wife, and vice versa.

Sharing the video, Sinha captioned it, “Family, friends, love, friendship, laughter, silly comments, kids running around, happy tears, warm hugs, excitement, bloopers, screeches, fun, joy, anticipation, nerves, emotions and above all just pure happiness this was our chaotic little Shaadi ka ghar… and it was PERFECT… it was US”-

View Instagram Post 1: Sonakshi Sinha shares an inside video of becoming Mrs. Iqbal

It indeed seemed special and perfect that despite of it being an intimate gathering, it was special as they did so with the people that mattered.

A day ago, Sinha also shared some romantic images with Iqbal from their wedding reception, where Sinha was dressed in a beautiful red sari and Iqbal in a white sherwani.