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In conversation with Saif Ali Khan

Taimur wants to dress like Lord Rama: Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan who turned 50 on August 16, is gradually learning to come to terms with the “new normal”. His superstar-son Taimur is perfectly attuned to the need of the hour.

Says Saif, “It is heartbreaking how easily children adjust to the most difficult of situations. Taimur just runs around the house. It’s a miracle he doesn’t bump into the furniture, although we have a small apartment. Many parents are advised to move out their furniture when there is a little child in the house. Luckily we never had that problem with Taimur.”

Does Taimur want to be an actor like his parents or a cricketer like his grandfather? “He has absolutely no interest in cricket. My elder son Ebrahim is a very good cricketer. I have tried putting a bat in Taimur’s hand and he has rejected it. Taimur is more into the arts. He likes drawing, painting, singing. He makes a lot of faces. These days he wants to be Lord Rama. He loves the idea of dressing up and the bow and arrow.”

When I ask him to comment on the raging debate on nepotism Saif chooses to stay non-committal. “I don’t think I can comment on the debate. I have worked hard to not take sides and have kept my head down and worked and gone home to my family. Obviously I am privileged. We all think we work hard. But some have it harder. Therefore it’s left to others to debate. I feel the film industry is also democratic and meritocracy. But there are controlling and selfish and sometimes corrupt influences for sure.”

At this point in his life Saif is just happy to float with fate. “I’m happy living life .. cooking .. working .. drinking wine with family and friends. Doing creative work. Rest is all unappealing for me .”

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