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Talented or Lucky: The real truth of Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi has been on a roll in the industry since Dilbar. She stormed into the scene with the extremely popular song and since then she’s been the face to go forward with in the industry whenever it comes to a dance number, courtesy her impeccable dancing skills. But has that been the only reason why Nora is here today?

There’s always a very big debate going around between two sections with two different opinions. One section feels Nora is here because of her talent whereas the other feels she has just been lucky in the industry.

However, to break the ice, let us tell you more about Nora’s reality.

Well, Nora is certainly not ‘just’ lucky. Yes, luck favors the same and you need a bit of luck going your way to make it big in Bollywood but hard work remains the key. Nora has been training as a dancer since a very tender age before starting to work. In fact, not just that, she’s earlier revealed in an interview that she’s gone from audition to audition for years before getting the Dilbar song. She had also added earlier that post her breakup, she had lost the motivation and will to work but was quick to realize that working hard and making her name is the best way of countering depression.

So the next time one claims that Nora Fatehi has just lucked out, you better get your facts right mate.

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