The Actress is so amazing and perfect when it comes to fitness that people strive hard to become like them. So if you are in a toned Body like Katrina Kaif than here are her fitness secrets check that out.

Want A Toned Body Like Katrina? Check out her fitness secrets

Katrina Kaif is seen to be the Fittest actress in Bollywood Today. The British-born Indian beauty is undoubtedly one of the few actresses who look stunningly beautiful and unblemished even without makeup – thanks to her flawless, glowing skin. The beauty queen, who is regarded as one of the sexiest women in Asia, is also a fitness freak and her fabulous abs is proof enough, which certainly makes her one of the fittest actors in Bollywood.

While there are a number of workout exercises and diet tips for weight loss, today, we are going to reveal how Katrina managed to stay fit, sexy, and young-looking over the years despite her very busy schedule.

Katrina Kaif’s workout routine initially had just Yoga. Katrina is a big-time Yoga fan and it helps her maintain that toned body. Yasmin, Katrina’s weight loss trainer in an interview once shared about her workout routine. Katrina workout for 1 to 3 hours a day, seven days a week.

Katrina has her own diet plan which includes:-

She keeps herself hydrated throughout the day. She drinks a lot of water.

Katrina’s diet includes boiled vegetables and fruits after every 2 hours.

Carbohydrates are a big no-no for Katrina. She has foods that are loaded with fiber.

She has cereals and oatmeals in the morning.

For lunch, she has grilled fish and brown bread with butter.

Katrina has brown bread with peanut butter in the evening.

For her dinner, Katrina has soup, fish, chapati, and vegetables.

Also, Katrina is seen doing lots of workouts and a gym friendly person and is the way too serious about her workouts. Katrina Kaif is a fitness buff and her Instagram handle has it all. Katrina keeps motivating her fans to stay fit and healthy by sharing her workout pictures and videos.

So if you want to have a toned body like her than be a yoga person with a perfect diet and workout.

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