Christmas is chirping in! And what could make it even better given Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrel’s Spirited? Well, no nothing! A goof-filled masterpiece to watch on your Apple TV+ screens followed by Ryan’s hilarity. Ryan’s hilarity goes nowhere to limits when it comes on or even the off screen. Remember, when Ryan Reynolds left his Twitter fans laughstruck, with hilarious roasting takes on his wife Blake Lively? And then Deadpool; his hilarity therefore continues with the musical comedy ‘Spirited’.

And now with that, Ryan decided to share a glimpse from the song ‘Good Afternoon’ where he showcases a grand partnership between him and Will Ferrel. The two definitely immerse into the fun and vocals of the song. However, while we get to witness a cracking chemistry between Ferrel and Reynolds in the video, the backdrop takes on the ‘dark’ and ‘humour’ that the story promises to be.

Sharing the video, Ryan Reynolds wrote, “The biggest movie on Apple TV+ ever with a whopping 73% of the views happening at my mom’s house in Vancouver.”

Chloe Arnold adds, “Wooo!!! Amazing!!! This is sooo major! I couldn’t be more proud and thankful! Thanks everyone!!!! And LOL! My community is covering the other 27 percent ??! Let’s gooo!!”

A fan wrote, “I hate Christmas. I hate musicals even more. But this movie is a masterpiece.”

Another commented, “My son now says “good afternoon!” Every morning when I drop him off at school “

A third user chimed in, “It’s one of my favourites now. I loved the message.. hope others remember that their actions/ behaviour have a ripple effect. Let’s be kind ppl .. always.”

A fourth user wrote, “Much deserved. I was disappointed reading mediocre critic reviews when I thought this movie was a masterpiece. Hats off to all involved in the making of this!”