Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, is the most recent celebrity to confess to having a secret love for Indian food. The fact that the West adores Indian food is no longer a secret. The co-owner of the Wrexham AFC football team recently went to a curry restaurant in the Cheshire town in Europe, dubbed it the “Best Indian food in Europe,” and uploaded a poster for the establishment on his Instagram stories. What’s remarkable, though, is that he omitted to say what he ate at the eatery.

The owners of this restaurant apparently find it humorous that he placed a flyer for their establishment on a well-known social media site before they even knew who he was. When the well-known Hollywood A-lister visited their restaurant and left positive reviews, the proprietors learned about it.

The restaurant’s owners are Raija Rahaman and her husband Rahaman Baten, and it is known as “Light of India Balti House.” Their son Shaa Rahaman, who follows Ryan Reynolds on Instagram, reportedly said to the reporters that “We didn’t actually know that he visited since my mom and dad were working at the time, but the very next morning I got up and I looked at his post and I was like ‘uh, that’s our business? Ryan Reynolds entered the restaurant, I yelled as I raced to tell my parents. Who is Ryan Reynolds, they asked?

One of the first Indian restaurants in the Cheshire area, the eatery opened its doors in the 1980s. The Hollywood actor claims that their restaurant is the best spot to consume Indian food, which Shaa Rahaman also told The Guardian he finds absurd. He was reported to have said, “It’s crazy. Europe is a very large continent, and yet he claims that we are the best in it. We’re happy he had a good supper. We have a good reputation in the region. It’s possible that some Wrexham supporters told him about us.

They would never have dreamed that “Light of India” would become as popular as it has.” The Guardian was informed by Shaa that “We’ve been really busy since. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. For us, the publicity is fantastic. I’m going to make an effort to contact Ryan right now to see if we can give him a dish name, like the Deadpool Masala, in his honor.”