Celebrities receiving trolling is nothing new, but the media pays close attention when one of them responds to the bullies online. Shruti Haasan, a multi-talented woman, experienced a similar situation. During a recent “Ask Me Anything” session with her Instagram family, Shruti received a question that was absolutely unsuitable and invalid among all the interesting inquiries from her admirers.

What is the size of your lips, the troll enquired? The actress quickly responded to the cyberbully after spotting someone attempting to body shame her. Will there also be lip size? Shruti asked in her own sharp and elegant way.

The actress has, of course, been the target of jokes before. Shruti has previously been branded overweight and subjected to body shaming online. We are all now aware of Shruti’s passion for the gothic style. And she maintains a high standard of carrying it. And to be completely honest, not everyone can pull off the gothic look. However, Shruti admitted in an interview that she was once referred to as a “chudail (witch)” because she was wearing black lipstick.

The actress was also subjected to body shaming in a totally unrelated event. Speaking about the severe matter, Shruti stated in a different interview that she was experiencing health issues at the time and that “it aches” to hear all of this. The actress continued, “Silence and self-introspection” are necessary for her to be authentic.

While everything is going on, Shruti is now working on three films, including the much-awaited Salaar with Prabhas and Chiru 154 starring Chiranjeevi.

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