Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor are two individuals who share a great bond of friendship and affection with each other in life. Both of them have been doing good quality work in the entertainment industry for quite many years and we are totally not surprised. While Shahid Kapoor has been doing a terrific work in the Hindi entertainment industry since the very beginning of the 2000 decade, Kriti Sanon has been doing good quality work in the entertainment space post the year 2014 and we love it. It’s been a dream for many to see them work together and no wonder, the dream is all set to get realized very soon. Kriti Sanon has never shied away from talking about Shahid Kapoor and has always spoken highly of him as an actor and performing artiste.

Just when fans and admirers were waiting for a special update to see them work together, they themselves shared a sneak-peek from what’s currently happening in their life. Well, going by the latest selfie photo that’s shared by Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor on their Instagram handle, we feel that the picture has been taken inside a flight and they are jetting off together for the shoot of their next project together. Given the fact that Maddock Films has also been tagged in the same, we can certainly and genuinely say for real that we are super excited to see their best work come out together. While Maddock Films has been tagged and we understand that it’s a Maddock film production, we aren’t really sure about what the destination and location is for the shoot. Check out the snap below –

Well, absolutely adorable and super cute, right ladies and gentlemen? Brilliant, ain’t it? Let us know your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned to