Rajinikanth's special appearance in Aishwarya Rajinikanth's film Lal Salaam has appealed to the masses. It can be termed as a stylish comeback for the actor in quite a preachy role. Read it here.

Rajinikanth’s Extended Cameo In Lal Salaam Is ‘Classy’ And ‘Preachy’

Rajinikanth is one of the highest-paid actors in the Tamil film industry. His latest release, Lal Salaam directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth, is a sports drama which is a religious tug-of-war concept. It is certainly not an understatement if we say that Rajinikanth holds the film together with his classy and preachy display. Playing the role of Moideen Bhai, Rajinikanth delivers a killer punch whenever he is on screen. His charisma and style have not gone down one bit owing to his age factor. The look given to Rajinikanth in the film is stylish.

The sports drama which is soaked into the concept of a Hindu-Muslim rift, has its own pitfalls. Though the film claims to be a sports drama, not much about cricket engages the audience throughout the film. However, the scenes featuring Moideen Bhai convey more relevance and promise. Rajinikanth exhibits grace and style, all through his performance. His light-hearted scenes wherein he is seen bowling to his cricketer son’s portrait, win our hearts. His action sequences provide the trademark punch as always.

It is reported in media that Rajinikanth improvized the dialogues and advised his Director daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth to keep them more crisp and engaging!! We have to say that Rajini has the creme of the best-written dialogues, and he is at his best delivering them.

His ‘extended cameo’ role comes on screen rightly at all times when there is a dip in the plot. In simple words, we can say that his impact on the film is more than what is claimed to be an ‘extended cameo’. As a father who longs for the well-being of both his sons (one born to him, and the other born to his Hindu friend), his display of emotions is top-notch.

He pairs with the yesteryear leading lady, Nirosha. The two of them provide us with amazing chemistry. It is rather surprising that Nirosha who was a stunning lead actress in the 80’s has never got an opportunity to star opposite Rajinikanth, and had to wait all these years for Lal Salaam to stage that prized opportunity.

The classy Sherwanis with the glares look add to the ‘Thalaiva’s’ style!! It is rather preachy to see Rajinikanth given a lot of prayer scenes in the film. We fail to wonder why so many ‘Namaaz’ scenes of his character were included in the plot.

Whatever said, for all the Rajinikanth fans out there, Lal Salaam is certainly a film to remember!! The essence that the main plot conveys through the character played by Rajinikanth, is remarkably executed by the maestro actor.

Rajini fans prayed to his huge cut-outs and garlanded them over the weekend in front of theatres showing Lal Salaam!! This has certainly been an impactful comeback for Rajini, after Jailor.

What say, folks?