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A blast from the past from Subhash K Jha on Deepika Padukone

Rewind: When Deepika Padukone Asked Her Boyfriend To Leave His Home

This is a love triangle so bizarre and its outcome so unexpected, the one angle from the triangle most affected had vowed to make a film about his experience.

Nihar Pandya now happily married, was the aggrieved angle of the triangle that had willy-nilly formed when his then-girlfriend Deepika Padukone fell in love with Ranbir Kapoor. Nihar had no idea he had fallen out of favour until one evening when Deepika brought a guest home.

Nihar who until then suspected nothing, and who lived in with Deepika was pleased to meet his girlfriend’s new friend. The evening was going well until Nihar was told by Deepika to leave….leave his own home which he shared with Deepika.

Ranbir sat stoically as Nihar was ordered out.

Recalling the incident a few years ago Nihar said to me, “I’d be lying if I said I’ve gotten over it. The hurt somehow never goes away. When something like this happens, when the world you built with another person over the years falls apart in less than a month, you begin to question your life and priorities.”

He wanted the story of his heartbreak in film.”During all these years since it ended, I’ve never spoken about it. So the truth about what really happened is known from only one side. The entertainment industry knows Deepika’s side of the truth. I want mine to be known too. I am not going to do a film that will damage her reputation. This is not an autobiography. But there will be many episodes that will be close to my life and heart.”

The film was never made. Both Deepika and Nihar have moved on. And Ranbir moved on and on and on.

But can the hurt and humiliation of a man who is asked to leave his own home by the woman he loves while there is a dinner guest, ever be erased?

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