If reliable sources are to be believed, then S S Rajamouli’s eagerly awaited big-screen spectacle may go on OTT after all, but with conditions.

Sources say the RRR producers have decided to succumb to the digital lure after all.

“Keeping the current situation in view, there doesn’t seem much of a choice. With night curfew imposed in Maharashtra , Delhi and several others states to follow, the movie-theatre business is again hit hard , really hard. The non-performance of Kabir Khan’s 83 has shaken the Hindi film industry. RRR is the most hard hit,” says the source.

Given the situation the mega-budgeted pseudo-historical costume drama film will , in all likelihood, go on OTT, but only in the PPV(Pay Per View) scheme. This means , those desirous to see this posh spectacle at home may have to pay anything from Rs 400-700.

This is in addition to the movie-theatre release which now seems shaky all over again. Even if RRS gets a theatrical release despite the night curfews(which are expected to be revoked after the New Years’ festivities ) it will be absolutely impossible for this colossal-budgeted film to break even through its theatrical release. To do so it needs to make a minimum of Rs 275 crores .

An impossible number during these impossible times of crisis.