The announcement of “Don 3” starring Ranveer Singh has set the internet abuzz with excitement and anticipation. As fans gear up to witness Ranveer’s portrayal of the iconic gangster, discussions about his ability to uphold the legacy of Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan have taken center stage. However, a recent update has brought a fresh twist to the tale, as Kriti Sanon emerges as a potential female lead for the film, replacing the previously rumored Kiara Advani.

In a surprising development, the makers of “Don 3” have reportedly turned their attention to Kriti Sanon to play the pivotal role opposite Ranveer Singh. While Kiara Advani’s name was initially associated with the ambitious project, it appears that the casting landscape has shifted.

According to a recent report by BollywoodLife, Kriti Sanon was spotted exiting the office of Farhan Akhtar’s Excel Entertainment. The talented actress exuded casual charm, donning a printed sky-blue sweatshirt paired with shorts and white sneakers. As she posed for the paparazzi, her appearance outside the production house’s office has sparked speculations about her involvement in “Don 3.”

The possibility of Kriti Sanon stepping into the role brings a new layer of intrigue to the film. Known for her versatile acting skills and relatable on-screen presence, Kriti has already left a mark in the industry with performances that span a range of genres. If confirmed, her collaboration with Ranveer Singh promises a fresh dynamic that fans are eagerly looking forward to.