Bulbbul the Netflix film has its trailer bringing in new intrigue. Here we have the fans talking about how it is similar to the TV show Nazar.

Fan Buzz: Is Bulbbul inspired from TV show Nazar?

Bulbbul the upcoming Netflix film produced by Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Films has raised a lot of curiosity among the netizens worldwide.

The images of the girl flying through the air, the image of the moon adding the intrigue, the bloodshed created from the colour red, twisted legs have all left us breathless and gasping!!

But have you observed the uncanny striking resemblance to the TV show Nazar produced by Gul Khan that takes us back to the show’s memories?

And on social media too, there are fans of the show Nazar talking in-depth about the fact that Bulbbul has been inspired by Nazar.

Well, there has been a lot talked about how television shows get inspired by films. But this is one instance where probably a TV show has inspired a film.

What do you all feel? Do you feel like how the Nazar fans feel?

We buzzed Producer Gul Khan but could not get through to her.

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