Pawan Kalyan is one of the most popular and admired superstars in the Indian entertainment industry. He’s been a popular personality in the South regional entertainment industry for the longest time and given the kind of love and appreciation that he gets from people, fans genuinely feel for real that he deserves it all. In all these years of him working as a performing artiste, Pawan Kalyan has earned a tremendous amount of fame and stardom and no wonder, we love every bit of it, don’t we? His swag game knows no limits and no wonder, he’s hailed and loved as one of the most amazing superstars in the country. Over the years, Pawan Kalyan has been a part of many successful and appreciated movies. However, one of his best movies over the years has to be ‘Kushi’.

Over the years, whenever Pawan Kalyan has been a part of many successful projects and fans have loved Kushi. Well, right now, fans are rejoicing about the fact that Kushi is all set to release in cinemas again on 31st December, 2022. So get ready to witness love and magic blended together all over again. Check out below –

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