The Bollywood movie “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani,” starring popular actors Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, has witnessed a significant surge in its box office collections. On Saturday, August 5, the film saw a remarkable jump in earnings, raking in over Rs 11.5 crores in a single day. Since its release on July 28, the movie has accumulated a total of 90.58 crores, edging closer to the coveted 100 crore mark. Industry experts predict that the film will likely achieve this milestone over the coming weekend, solidifying its success at the box office.

Keeping the Box office success aside, what also stirred quite an amount of roar amongst the fans, is how the two veteran actors Dharmendra and Shabana Azmi broke all the stereotypes, given their kissing scene on screen. Speaking of the same, Sunny Deol, son of Dharmendra went all praises for his father.

Sunny Deol Praises Dharmendra’s Bold Scene in the Film

Sunny Deol, the seasoned Bollywood actor, recently shared his views on a controversial aspect of the film. During an interview with a news portal, he openly discussed his father, Dharmendra’s, portrayal of a kissing scene in the movie. Sunny Deol expressed his belief that his father is uniquely capable of handling such scenes with finesse, labeling him as the only actor equipped for such portrayals. Interestingly, Sunny admitted to not having watched the movie yet, confessing his general tendency to avoid viewing his own films. He mentioned, “My dad can do anything, and he’s the only actor I say who can carry it. I don’t watch my films much either.”

Hema Malini’s Supportive Words for Dharmendra’s On-Screen Kiss

Hema Malini, renowned actress and wife of Dharmendra, conveyed her sentiments about the much-discussed on-screen kiss involving her husband. Speaking at a recent book launch event in New Delhi, she expressed her happiness for Dharmendra’s involvement in the film. Hema Malini shared that Dharmendra thoroughly enjoys being in front of the camera, and she believes that audiences have responded positively to his performance. Her supportive words reflected the couple’s strong bond and their understanding of each other’s careers.

Dharmendra’s Nonchalant Reaction to the Kissing Scene

During a press conference, Dharmendra, encouraged by co-star Ranveer Singh, commented on the scene that had stirred discussions. He humorously shrugged off any controversy, stating that the particular scene was no big deal for him. With a playful demeanor, Dharmendra mentioned that it’s a task easily handled by him, invoking laughter from the rest of the cast. He further added a lighthearted remark, saying, “I can do it effortlessly,” highlighting his comfort and experience in the industry, as mentioned in News 18.